Located within a 2-hour distance by car or train, the Yuzawa Nakazato Ski Resort is easily accessible from Tokyo. The resort's ski center is also directly connected to the Echigo-Nakazato Station. This great accessibility allows people to enjoy skiing or snowboarding without the trouble of staying overnight.
There are 16 different courses with unique features, which are sure to satisfy you whether you are a novice or an expert. The courses include tricks ideal for beginners (e.g. cross, mogul and obstacle courses) and some other trickier ones designed for intermediate or experienced skiers (e.g. free-ride park). For families, there are facilities that children can enjoy; a vast snowy playground “Snow play Park”. This place is so much fun for everyone regardless your ski level or age. There is also a free rest station where you can sit and warm yourself, for which we are using a real train, and the “Blue Train” is definitely one of the most interesting features that the resort has. Come and enjoy our “Yuzawa Nakazato Ski Resort” where you can do everything you would think of doing at a winter resort and so much more!

Yuzawa Town Info

Station Building CoCoLo Yuzawa (Inside Echigo-Yuzawa Station)

Yuzawa's local produce and sweets from traditional shops are all gathered here. They also have approx. 100-variety selections of Jizake (local sake), which are from breweries in Niigata prefecture. The “Sake Museum Ponshu-kan” is inside the building where you can enjoy the local sake tasting and sake bath.

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Exploring Onsen (Hot Springs)

There are many public onsen facilities in Yuzawa town, which is famous for it's hot spring. How about touring around taking a dip in some Onsen houses after your expeditions or as part of your walk.
“Shukuba-no Yu”, “Kaido-no Yu”, “Iwa-no Yu”, “Komako-no Yu” and “Yama-no Yu” are major Onsen houses but there are many other houses in the area too.

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Yuzawa Onsen Sogo Annaijo
Yuzawa Onsen Map

Exploring Ski Slopes

There are 13 different ski resorts in Yuzawa town, a mecca of skiing in Japan. This offers a great opportunity to try different ski resorts during your stay in the area.

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Yuzawa Ski Resort Map